Different Dog Toys That Can Keep Your Dog Entertained

A dog toy is simply toys that dogs play with. There are many cute dog toys to choose from in the market. One great way to give your dog a treat is to get cute dog toys. The type of toy you opt for should be according to what your dog really likes. There are different types of dog toys to choose from depending on how your dog likes to play. Types of dog toys range from the fetch toys, rope toys, chew toys, dental toys, plush toys, stuffed toys and interactive toys. Below you will find the best 5 types of dog toys.dog playing with toy

Before choosing a dog toy, it is important to consider safety. For instance, a small dog toy for a big dog could be a very dangerous buy as your dog can easily swallow the toy and choke. Getting a big toy for small dog doesn’t make sense either. Also, watch your dog while it plays with dog toys because no dog toy is too strong that a dog can’t take apart. Inspect the dog toys for loose ends. Before you make that purchase, some safety considerations such as the dog toy design, size, durability, ease to wash/clean should be at the back of your mind. Good dog toys should be safe, and fun to play with.

Types of Dog Toys

Distraction Toys:

They normally contain peanut butter and dogs like these a lot. Distraction toys could keep your dog playing for hours. These types of toys come in handy while training the dog with positive reinforcement. Dogs like to go on adventures by searching for things with their teeth and claws. You can hide goodies inside rubber cubes called busy-box toys, and your dog will try to find them inside the cubes.

Comfort toys:

As the name sounds, comfort toys provide comfort while your dog rest or is asleep. It simply plunges your dog into a good sleep after a long walk or hunting. However, this dog toy is not suitable for all dogs; on average, though, all breeds of dogs like them. Depending on your dog, these toys could be serve as a teddy bear. Your dog could sleep with a comfort toy. Comfort toys are made of extremely soft materials that guarantee perfect comfort.

Active Toys:

These toys keep your dog active both mentally and physically. They are made of hard rubbers that can’t easily be torn apart by even the toughest of chews. Your dogs can carry them around. Active toys come in different cute shapes, beautiful sizes and colors. They keep your pet busy with lots of goodies to chew. Dogs enjoy playing with active toys; they simply redirect their destructive chewing behavior into positive playtime. You can also use dog ropes to play with your dog. Dog ropes come in wand-type or bone-type shapes. Dog ropes are used to tease dogs by wiggling the rope on the ground and swinging it in the air. You can also use fake dog bones to give your dog a treat.

Hidden Egg Dog Toys:

Alternatively, there are dog toys available with squeaky eggs in their stomach. They operate on the same principle; your dog practices gutting his prey, and his prey-your dog toys-live to be gutted another day.

Dog Toys with Treats in Them:

Dogs are often quite content to sit and chew their toys. These toys won’t give your dog a sense of accomplishment, though. For that, consider dog toys with built in reward systems.

A dog toy that rewards your dog for solving a puzzle can be mentally stimulating and satisfying. One of these is a plastic cube with treats inside which the dog must find a way to get out of the cube. The toy is also adjustable, so as your dog puzzles out how to get the treats out, you can make it harder so he won’t get bored.

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